Day Training

Are you looking for an alternative to doggy daycare? Something which provides structure, enrichment, and the opportunity for your dog to learn new skills or brush up on training? Day training might be just what you're after. 

Your dog will come spend the day with AbiK9's trainer, on our 40acre macadamia farm. They'll get to go exploring through the orchards and rainforest, socialize with other dogs, and (of course) get several training sessions in! 

Who is day training suitable for?

- Puppies! If you're wanting some extra environmental and social exposure during your puppy's critical period of development, and/or wanting to establish a motivational, rewards-based obedience foundation.

- Dogs with no formal training experience. Day training provides an intensive solution to fast-track their learning and expedite their training. 

- Dogs with training experience, that need some some fine-tuning or touch-ups. 

- Dogs with behavioural issues, that may not be suitable for a doggy daycare environment. 

- Dogs that require a bit more structure in their day.

How does it work, what will my dog spend the day doing? 

We take on no more than 3 dogs in any one day, which gives us plenty of time to meet all of their needs. We divide the day up into:

- Free and structured exercise opportunities

- Regular, short training sessions (individually at first, then combined with other dogs as training progresses)

- Socialization and play time (if appropriate)

- Rest and sleep time. 

Dogs can be picked up and dropped off by us for an extra fee, or we can organize a time for you to drop-off and pick-up. We also send photos and updates throughout the day.


For dogs that have never trained with us before, we recommend looking into the basic package, as it includes 2 one-on-on private lessons. We'd schedule one of those lessons before we commence day training, so that we can begin to form a relationship with your dog. 

Basic Package: $400 (2 lessons + 2 training days)

Intermediate Package: $625 (2 lessons + 5 training days) 

Advanced Package: $1000 (2 lessons + 10 training days) 

We also offer custom packages. Each training day is $75, and each private lessons is $125. Contact us for more information and to talk about your options.