If you’re needing a more intensive, structured training program for your dog or puppy, our in-home training services may be what you’re looking for.

These programs are custom built to suit your needs, and can be used to address everything from puppy development, basic and advanced obedience, to some behaviour modification.

Your dog will live with our trainer. We only have a maximum of 3 dogs in for stay-and-train at one time, which allows us to give every dog a tonne of one-on-one time and attention.

What does a day in the life of a board-and-train dog look like?

  • Multiple daily training sessions

  • Individual, quality non-training time with their trainer (for lovin’)

  • Maintenance grooming (regular baths, nail trims and brush outs – no dogs will be going home matted!) at no extra cost

  • Free exercise 

  • On-leash walks around the farm (we're on 40acres!)

  • Structured exercise

  • Supervised socialization

  • Some much needed rest time between all the activity

We treat your dog how we’d want ours to be treated, and do our best to minimize stress while balancing their need for training, enrichment, socialization, down-time and sleep.

What do I get?

  • 1hr handover session

  • Lifetime email and phone support

  • Regular updates and photos/videos

What will my dog learn? 

This depends on how much training your dog has had in the past, what his issues are, how motivated he is, and what your goals are from the training. The minimum two-week stay for an untrained dog should be able to teach some of the following: 

  • An all important communication system (markers and release cues)

  • Learning to learn, and learning to earn

  • Focus and engagement 

  • Confidence boosting 

  • Basic obedience skills such as heel, sit, down, place, coming when called, and various other life skills

  • Socialization and enrichment

The longer the stay, the more we can teach, and the more reliable their training. We can also address various behaviour problems in longer training programs, such as reactivity and other fear/anxiety based behaviours. ​We do not take human aggressive dogs. 


Cost & Structure

We've revamped our options for 2021, to include 3 program types: 

1. Holiday-stay: Minimum 2 week stay | $1970/fortnight | In this option the dog stays at our place for a minimum of 2 weeks, with a lesson at drop-off to help the dog transition back home. 

2. Regular-stay: Minimum 2 week stay | $2220/fortnight | In this option the dog stays at our place for a minimum of 2 weeks, with a lesson each week to help the dog transition back home.

3. Boarding-school: Minimum 15-day stay | $1875/15 days | The dog stays at our place from Monday-Friday but goes home over the weekend | We have a short 40 minute session every Friday when you come to pick them up | This is the best option for ensuring the training sticks!

Length of Stay 

The length of stay will dictate results, as will your dog's general temperament and degree of motivation. The 2-3 week stays are great to put a foundation on your dog. Your dog should be able to comply with trained cues in mild to moderate levels of distraction. Your learning curve will be steeper. These are the bare minimum programs. 

If you want a higher level of obedience, if you're needing help with behavioural issues, and if you want to avoid the use of pressure/corrections on your dog, expect a longer stay. Stays of up to 3-months are advised in some cases. 

The Fine Print 

Stay-and-train programs are a great way to get a focused, intensive training service that requires little investment (of time!) from you initially. However, dogs aren't computers that we can just program to behave. It takes a considerable effort to ensure that all their training sticks and carries over into life with you once they get home. 

We may insist on an assessment at our location prior to accepting the dog into training.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and current on flea/tick/worming.

Full payment is due before the date of arrival, no exceptions.