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Private Lessons & Programs

We believe in providing ongoing support and training (of the human!), so recommend most owners enroll in a program as opposed to a one-off lesson. Although exceptions apply, most behaviour and training problems cannot be overcome in an hour of coaching. Contact us for guidance as to what option you should take.

Lessons run for 40 minutes, and  are conducted on my property in Alstonvale.

All programs are fully customizable. 

*Please note; we have limited lesson times to ensure the board and train dogs receive sufficient time and care. 

Single Private Lesson ($200)

Your first private lesson can be deducted from a program if you decide to buy up (for example, if you wanted the basic program, you'd just need to pay the extra $250 for the 3 additional lessons). These lessons can be used to rectify minor issues.

Basic Program ($600 – 4 lessons)

If you’re wanting to tackle some specific obedience issues, integrate a second dog into the home, are adding a two-legged human to the family, or wanting to address a minor behavioural issue, this is the program for you.

Intermediate Program ($850 – 6 lessons)

We’re reactivity specialists at AbiK9, and have developed this program which aims to get you and your dog out from isolation and into the real world as soon as possible. This program is all rewards-based and fair, and teaches your dog that their trigger (whether it be human, canine, wheeled etc.) is a cue to look at you and get good things.

Otherwise, the intermediate program is suitable for people in a multidog household or those wanting to develop some ‘everywhere’ dog skills.  

Advanced Program ($1250 – 10 lessons)

This is our most comprehensive training program and can be used to address any obedience and behavioural issue. If your dog is displaying aggression, or has a bite history, this program is the best way to go. Otherwise, it can be used to scrub up your dogs obedience skills; we can teach a huge range of manners in a 10-lesson program whether you want your dog to be the envy of the neighbourhood, or you’re wanting to get them involved in a competitive dog sport!   

Contact to discuss training options!

The Fine Print ​

All payment is due on or before the date of the first lesson. Late payments incur a fee of $25/day. To avoid this with a 2-day bank transfer delay, you must provide proof of payment to or 0477 006 431. 

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