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Stockist List for Training Supplies

As much as we’d LOVE to sell training gear, we’re a bit short on storage space! So, here’s a list of recommended products and the best places to buy them.

I always recommend you get the thin versions of these leashes (3/8”/9.5mm – not the ‘show’ version) as they’re comfier on the hand. If your dog is in training, it’s best to get the 6ft versions too.

I LOVE Biothane long lines! They don’t get bogged down from water or mud and are super easy to clean. They’re vibrant so easy to spot in grass, and hold up well to Australian conditions. Their only drawback is that they can be slippery when wet.

It’s best to get something well put together and cheap, because your puppy with outgrow it quickly. I like H harnesses because they don’t impede movement or chafe under the dog’s armpits. We use harnesses for restraint-based games, restrained recalls and general socialization/exposure to the world.

I used to be a big fan of the usual fabric treat pouches, but found they’d get disgusting after a day of training. And they were hard to clean! These silicone pouches go right in the dishwasher and hold a massive amount of treats. It’s best to get the ‘original’ version and not the ‘pocket’ version, even if you’ve only got a little puppy.

Play Pens and Crates:

Cheap but well-made, VeboPet is where I get ALL my crates, play pens and even kennels from.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re a useful training and management tool if you know how to use them correctly! Always get the tape version, not the cord, and if possible go for a high weight rating.

If you’re struggling to juggle exercise and training, and don’t want to reinforce pulling behaviour in your dog, a head halter is a great option. It does a lot of the work for you to manage the pulling, but it will not teach them leash manners. That’s what training is for, but alas – it makes walking and exercise easier!

These are mostly interactive toys; meant to be used for active play between you and the puppy, then stored away for later.

Puppy Chews: Scratch and Sniff, Ballina (

Avoid most of the pet store 'treats' and opt for more natural options such as goat horns, antlers and stuffed cow hooves. These can be bought in most big box pet stores, but I love supporting local businesses with locally sourced products :)

Treats: Prime100 rolls, available at PetBarn and PetStock. These are chopped up into appropriately sized cubes, and should be frozen quickly if you're not going to use it all. They defrost well. I like the wild boar, kangaroo and turkey due to their consistency. The Lamb is OK too, though a bit gluggy in the hands. Alternatively, if the idea of soft treats gross you out, Ziwi Peaks is a great option too.

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