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Help! My Dog Keeps Destroying his Bed!

The best indestructible dog beds (Australia)

If you're anything like me, you're never able to just skip past the pet section at Kmart. Yes, you have ALL THE STUFF! But... well, look at that fluffy bed. And the faux fur blanket... I could put it next to the couch, I could put it ON the couch. My dogs would love it!

And the dogs do love it! For a few days, maybe a few weeks. Then that 'love' turns kinda violent and the bed goes poof! You come home to its fluffy guts strewn all over the living room. Your pup marinating amongst it all, looking at you as if to say, 'I know, it just exploded! No idea how it happened..."

Can we even get mad though? Aren't we all just looking for an excuse to go back to Kmart... ?

After years of raising my own dogs, and of looking after countless naughty puppies and destructive older dogs, I have a pretty good idea of what gear will hold up to their abuse. And the number one thing I've learnt: buying cheap will end up costing you a lot more.

When I started boarding dogs, I went and bought a handful of trampoline beds from Bunnings. Within the week I had to replace half. Within the month I'd bought them all again several times over. In other words, I wasted A LOT of money.

Learn from my mistake!

So, without further ado, here are my favourite bedding options for those dogs with a penchant for chaos.

Three sizes: Medium, Large and Extra-Large.

Cost: $145-$190

The material is in-built into the frame and taut, so dogs cannot get their teeth into it. It is strong enough to withstand digging, and the fabric allows for water to pass right through it (and air! which is nice for hot days and fluffy dogs). They don't mould and are super easy to clean.

They arrive fully assembled too!

The one thing I don't love about them (which is very minor) is that the legs curve away from the body of the bed. So they take up more room than necessary and can't fit inside crates.

I own three and they've held up against countless dogs over the span of two years. They're my choice pick!

Four Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Extra-Extra-Large

Cost: $338-$490

These are the bed of choice for most boarding kennels as they will last years and are easy to disinfect. The rubber-like material is inbuilt into the frame so dogs can't chew it. It is also strong enough to withstand digging.

I bought two five years ago and they're still going strong.

There are two things I don't love about it though. Firstly, the material doesn't breath well and can mould quite easily (especially if you're in the subtropics like I am!). It is easy to clean off and shouldn't worry you if you keep to a regular cleaning schedule. However, this year I pulled one of the beds apart as a leg had come loose and I found there was mould all through the fabric hidden within the frame.

Secondly, the beds need to be assembled, and the damned legs need regular tightening or they get loose and the bolts come out. I don't think this would be an issue for a regular pet owner, because you won't be moving the beds around all that much.

These are great beds but due to the problems with them, I've converted to the Lil Cracka beds for now.

Fluffy beds are not your friend if you have a destructive dog. I know! It warms your heart to see them all snuggled up in a mountain of pillows and faux fur rugs, but it's just not worth it. Not only will it cost an arm and a leg in the long run, but if you're dog is the kind to eat their bedding, then you're risking an intestinal impaction.

They can always have a nice, luxurious bed when you're around to watch them. But when they're solo, it's best to either scrap soft bedding altogether or to use Rubber-backed Vet-Bedding

It's soft and fluffy. I can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer. And it retains heat really well!

It is not truly indestructible, a really determine dog can destroy it over time. But I put it in most crates and kennels and found they hold up really well. When a dog does destroy it, they usually just pull out little bits of fluff, or they tear strips from it - rubber backing and all. For some reason, no one has tried to eat those strips.

The one thing I don't love about them is that the fluffy material bunches up after washing it a few times. Running a slicker brush through it helps loosen it, but that new, warm-fluff it started with doesn't come back.


Have you used an 'indestructible' dog beds and found they help up against the violent ministrations of your dog? If so, comment below with a link!

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