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**PLEASE NOTE THAT NOSEWORK HAS A TRAINING SEASON - WE CAN'T TRAIN IN THE NORTHERN RIVERS HEAT. CLASSES ARE HELD FROM APPROXIMATELY MARCH-SEPTEMBER. If you wanted to learn more about nosework training, please check out my book in Amazon: The Complete Guide to Nosework and Scent Detection Training**

Nosework is the world's fastest growing dog sport. It is the only sport and activity that is all-inclusive; literally any dog can do it! Training is fun and positive, and taps into each dog's drive to hunt and search. 

Whether you're looking to mentally exercise your dog, or your aspirations are competition, Nosework suits all. 

Nosework is modeled off of working K-9 Detection trials; dogs are taught to search, source and respond to a target odour. But instead of finding narcotics or explosives, dogs are taught to locate harmless essential oils. Give your dog a job, have them find your keys, your wallet, or show off their skills to your friends and family. We guarantee you'll both be happier for it! 

We focus on building a dog's drive to hunt and search, before introducing the target odours (birch, anise and clove) and teaching a very clear focused response. 

Nosework training is available in classes, private lessons, workshops and skype/video consultations.



5-week course

$250 per dog

Maximum of 5 dogs 

Drop-In Training: 

$20/session (limit of 3 sessions per dog)

Held on Saturdays, at set time slots 

Contact AbiK9 for more information

Private Lessons: 

1 lesson - $150/4 lessons - $500/10 lessons - $1000)

Lessons run for an hour and consist of 2 training sessions


2-3 day workshops available 

Limit of 8 working spots, unlimited audits


Skype/video consultations: 

$30 - 30 minutes/$50 - 60 minutes


If you'd like to learn more about scent detection, check out my book: 

The Complete Guide to Nosework and Scent Detection Training

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