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There are two options for your grooming needs: 

1. I teach you how to properly groom your dog, according to his coat and your goals. You'll learn how to handle and properly care for clippers, as well as how to work with scissors safely. 

2. I work with your dog on their ability to be handled and groomed. This is best suited to dogs that have been kicked out of the groomers due to their behaviour. You are able to stay in your car and can watch if you prefer. I do not guarantee a complete groom with this option - the goal is TRAINING based and aimed at the long term. 

No bathing facilities are available at this time, so dogs must arrive freshly washed. 

Multiple lessons are often needed. 

Please select 'Private Lessons' in the BOOK NOW page. Sessions last for 1hr and are $125. 

Trimming the Fur
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